Following the example of the prominent representative of the Czech Decadent Movement, Arthur Breisky, our work too draws on a certain dose of poetry, obfuscation and humour.

Klára Zápotocká

graphic designer

Klara graduated from the Secondary Graphic School and Prague College / Teeside University (School of Art & Design). Her practice has focused on book design and corporate identity. Her portfolio includes diverse work for the commercial and non-profit sector. She has been awarded at the prestigious Most Beautiful Czech Book competition.

+420 737 412 050

Kryštof Doležal

graphic designer

During his work at advertising agencies he implemented a number of major projects from the position of Art Director, primarily for cultural institutions, something to which he continues to devote himself at Breisky (Theatre Institute, Oriental Institute, Arbor Vitae, Ponec Theatre and others). He is a long-term collaborator of Czech artist Krištof Kintera.

+420 608 764 380

Zoe Mitterhuber

graphic designer

Zoe is a Graphic Designer from Munich, Germany. Her focus lies on Typography and Illustration. She loves print media, especially magazines and books, and she likes to draw. Zoe graduated from Prague College / Teeside University with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. She won an award from the German Art Directors Club for the design of „Das Blickkontakt Magazin“.

Kateřina Puncmannová

graphic designer

Kateřina graduated at the department of Visual Communication at FDALS in Pilsen, 2018. Now she studies Graphic design in an atelier which is lead by Rostislav Vaněk and Kristina Fišerová. During studies, she completed an internship at UAP in Poland. In her work she explores all kinds of graphic design, from illustration to typeface and short videos. She won the international competition Young Package in 2017. In the same year, she succeeded at Graphic Matters festival in Breda with the Sisyphus poster.

Soňa Juríková

graphic designer

After the first year of study at the Illustration and Graphics department of the Faculty of Art & Design in Pilsen, she decided to fully dedicate to graphic design, and changed to Visual Communication department. In her work she combines knowledge of both disciplines.

Ondřej Haase

dtp operator

He studied Polygraphy at Secondary Graphic School, subsequently working for the companies Attan (2004), Scenografie (2005—2006), Redhill Design (2007), Lemonade (2008) and Lavmi (2009—2016). He deals with prepress, photo editing and everything needed to successfully complete a project. He has extensive experience with executing complex projects using all manner of technologies.

+420 605 431 596

Jan Vincenec

account manager

After graduating from the Protestant Theological Faculty and Charles University Hussite Theological Faculty, he founded Skutečnost o.s. and Patricia Miláno Gallery, where he acts as curator and project coordinator. Over an eight-year period he organized 180 exhibitions in Prague, Brno and Ostrava, also contributing to public-space projects (Negrelli Viaduct in Karlín, Hlubina Mine – lower Vítkovice, Car Free Day, etc.). He currently takes care of Studio Breisky projects.

+420 720 361 043